Staging Packages

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Walk and Talk consultation - $375

We can provide “Walk and Talk” type consultation where we go room by room and can make recommendations on what should be done before MLS pictures are taken and the house goes on the market. We can discuss things such as furniture placement, what items need to be removed, paint colors, upgrading recommendations, etc. I am happy to provide any contractors and vendors that I use in my own business as well. This type of consultation takes about 1-2 hours and is a cost of $350. 


Accessories Staging - $750/ Month

  • Includes walk and talk consultation

  • Professional hands-on expertise and assistance for preparing your property.

  • Accessories and decor are added to the key rooms: kitchen and bathrooms, living room, family room, dining room, and master suite 


Signature Staging - $1500

  • Initial Consultation and Property Assessment

  • Inventory Selection & Procurement

  • Delivery and professional installation with a simply staging associate

  • Complete staging of Living Room, Dining Room, Family Room, and Master Suite

  • Includes accessories for the kitchen and bathrooms

  • Removal of furniture and accessories before closing (please provide 1 week notice of closing date)